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Fitness Membership


I hereby agree to engage in the use of the equipment, facilities and programs offered by the Club upon the understanding and agreement that:

  1. Acknowledging the desirability of a physical examination before participation, I represent to the Club that I am physically capable of participation in the program of my choice without injury. I warrant and represent to you that I have no disability, impairment or ailment preventing me from engaging or participating in activity that will be detrimental or injurious to my health, safety, or physical condition if I do so engage or participate.
  2. I am aware of the risks of illness or injury inherent in any exercise activity. These injury risks include but are not limited to pulled muscles or other sprains, strains, or injuries. I am participating in the Club’s programs upon the express understanding that I hereby indemnify, waive and release the Club, its employees, agents, officers, Directors, Successors, and Assigns from any and all claims, costs, liabilities, expenses or judgments, including attorney's fees and court costs (hereafter referred to as the “Claims”) arising out of my participation in the program(s) or any illness or injury resulting there from, and hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Club from and against any and all such Claims.
  3. I assume full responsibility for myself and shall indemnify Management, its affiliates, agents, and employees against any and all liability incurred by them toward such. I understand and agree that any person who is a party to my Membership Contract will also be a party to this waiver/release. I hereby execute and deliver this waiver and release so that I may participate in the program(s) offered by the Club.
  4. 4. USE OF FITNESS CENTER KIDS ZONE I (we) understand that our use of the “Kids Zone” is entirely our responsibility and that Wildcat Fitness and Fun (WFF) provides no supervision of children there. Accordingly, I (we) hereby release and hold harmless WFF from any and all liability, damages, expenses and costs arising from our use of the Kids Zone, including liability for negligence.

In this Contract, the words “you”, “your”, “my” and “Member” shall refer to the Member where appropriate. The words “we”, “our”, “us”, “Club” and “Management” shall refer to Kangolf Inc., dba Wildcat Fitness & Fun.


We hereby sell to you, and you hereby purchase from us a Fitness Only membership to Wildcat Fitness & Fun (hereinafter “the Club”). This membership, as defined in Addendum “A”, shall entitle you access, and use of the Fitness Center specified in the membership (refer to the Membership Application). All memberships are non-voting and non-proprietary. No rights of ownership are conferred upon you by this Contract.


Your membership will begin on the date that this Contract is signed and end on the contracted date, UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED IN THE AUTO RENEWAL SECTION OF THIS AGREEMENT.


This Contract constitutes the entire and exclusive agreement between the parties. Any promises, representations, understanding and/or agreement pertaining directly or indirectly to this Contract, which is not contained herein, are of no force or effect. This Contract may be modified only by an instrument in writing signed by an officer of Wildcat Fitness & Fun. Employees are not authorized to make any independent agreement with any Member that is contrary to this Contract or the Club's general policies.


Guests must be signed in at the Sales counter. Guest fees must be paid before using the facility at the established rate per visit. Members who fail to register their guests are subject to suspension of privileges.


Management has the right to suspend the privileges of any Member or expel any Member from the Club at any time for a) non-payment of fees, b) violation of this Contract, c) for conduct prejudicial to the interests of the Club or d) for reasons of Management's sole discretion, without notice. Arrange a meeting with Club management prior to the expiration of the 10-day notice period to discuss the reason for his/her expulsion. A suspension of membership or expulsion for causes a), b) or c) does NOT relieve the Member of his/her obligation to pay fees as specified in the “MEMBERSHIP FEES” section of the Contract.


The Club will not be responsible for any personal property that is left on the Club premises by members or their guests. A lost and found box is maintained at each Club as a convenience to the members and their guests. Members and their guests are welcome to check the lost and found box if they wish. By supplying the lost and found box, the Club is in no way assuming responsibility or liability for any member or guest's property. The Club is not a Bailee, and no Contract of bailment is established herein.


I understand by signing below, that Bluetooth access will be or has been granted for my individual use only and may not be transferred to anyone. Transference of Bluetooth access or giving access to any non-member will be viewed as THEFT OF SERVICES and that Bluetooth access will be terminated immediately without refunds.

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