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Annual Membership


I agree to abide by all rules, regulations and bylaws of the Club as outlined in Addendum A and B of this Membership Contract or as amended by management. I understand and agree that this membership will begin on the date that this Contract is signed. I also understand that management reserves the right to increase the fees for subsequent membership terms without notification or by posted at site notifications.

Early termination will only be accepted in the event of a member who passes away or a member who has accepted a military assignment out of the area. If a member moves or is transferred (in or out of state), is involved in a divorce, becomes unable to use the facilities, etc. they are liable for fees through the remainder of the contracted year.

Annual Renewal

Members choosing to pay annually will be mailed a renewal statement 30 days prior to your contracted date. Payment must be received no later than the anniversary of the contracted date in order to keep your membership current. Payment not received by that day will result in automatic cancellation of membership, and initiation fees will be charged should the membership be renewed.

Waiver / Release

I hereby agree to participate and/or engage in the use of the course, equipment, facilities, and programs offered by the Club upon the understanding and agreement that:

  1. Acknowledging the desirability of a physical examination before participation, I represent to the Club that I am physically capable of participation in the program of my choice without injury. I warrant and represent to you that I have no disability, impairment or ailment preventing me from engaging or participating in activity that will be detrimental or injurious to my health, safety, or physical condition if I do so engage or participate.
  2. I am aware of the risks of illness or injury inherent in any golf or exercise activity. These injury risks include but are not limited to: being hit by golf balls, golf clubs, golf carts, or lightning; stepping or tripping in holes or other natural indentations in the ground; injury from insects, animals, birds or snakes, drowning; pulled muscles or other sprains, strains or injuries. I am participating in the Club’s programs upon the express understanding that I hereby indemnify, waive and release the Club, its employees, agents, officers, Directors, Successors, and Assigns from any and all claims, costs, liabilities, expenses or judgments, including attorney’s fees and court costs (hereafter referred to as the “Claims”) arising out of my participation and the participation of my family and guests in the program(s) or any illness or injury resulting there from, and hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Club from and against any and all such Claims.
  3. I assume full responsibility for myself and anyone who becomes a member under this Contract, including any children/dependents of mine, or any of my guests, and shall indemnify Management, its affiliates, agents and employees against any and all liability incurred by them toward such. I understand and agree that any person who is a party to my Membership Contract will also be a party to this waiver/release. I hereby execute and deliver this waiver and release so that I may participate in the program(s) offered by the Club.
  4. I understand that by becoming a member, the Club may, at their discretion, obtain credit information for me and other persons 18 years and older that are listed on this application. This information may be obtained at any time while I am a member and, may be obtained if the membership is cancelled and a balance is owed on the account.
  5. 5. USE OF FITNESS CENTER KIDS ZONE I (we) understand that our use of the “Kids Zone” is entirely our responsibility and that Wildcat Fitness and Fun (WFF) provides no supervision of children there. Accordingly, I (we) hereby release and hold harmless WFF from any and all liability, damages, expenses and costs arising from our use of the Kids Zone, including liability for negligence.
VIZpin Smart App Bluetooth Key usage

I understand by signing below, that Bluetooth Key access will be or has been granted for my individual use only and may not be transferred to anyone. Transference of Bluetooth Key access or giving access to any non-member will be viewed as theft of services and that Bluetooth Key access will be terminated immediately without refunds.

VIZpin Instructions